Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miami International Airport. Picture by JHS.

Are we ready to get confused with politics?

Must of us hate politics, mostly when it's interrupting our favorite television shows? We can see people living and fighting with politics anywhere you point your finger at. What makes politicians so easy to hate and us to lazy to even know something about it?

"Almost Utopia" editorial

For over a year, I have traveled looking for characters and topics to inspire from to write my first novel. I have then studied and read about human behavior in society. Then finally in the back of my head I was able to filed out some of those encounters with the subject, and found groups formed by the interaction among individuals. This interaction leads us to decide whether to have a simple life, a mediocre life or just whatever version we get to have.

At the conclusion of my journey I have discovered a complexity but yet flexible patterns that makes the world just spin around. Work the way it does. From the weather influencing the spirit of the people, to religious wars, the world goes unstoppable. We go to work, we get a girlfriend or maybe cancer, and then we buy a house, the cat dies and the world moves on.

Laszlo Barabasi called it links. Links that unites us and connects us. Wherever we are.

And after all this time I have come to the conclusion that this phenomena is so complex that the mind of an average character of the worlds stage will never even dream of reaching. It would be like a mouse reaching the peanut treat on the head of the elephant. Just a few will actually be able to reach it.

The more I get informed about the world, the lonelier we get.

After a few years of waking on earth is funny to say that I still feel like an alien in my hometown. Discovering my homeland with a "ham satellite" in a far away land. We must see each other on a mirror and most of all unite on a universal code, perhaps in a new definition of “almost utopia”

But yet the poor signal is interrupted. How can we know that what we see is true? We cannot change the world. How could we, if we have to live attached to it? How could we take the right decision, if our mirror, is the television, controlled by others, destined for us to chew and easy digest?