Friday, January 15, 2010

"The Grey Day and the North Pole"

Photo by Kunstlerin N.V

Today I open my eyes and all I see is a grey light on my window. It’s winter. I have a lot of school work to do, the house is a mess and I my plants died because I was so busy I forgot to water them. It’s so cold outside that I rather stay in bed watching television but guess what? I don’t have a television because I life in a single dorm with another 200 students with no television and always to busy to talk. All my friends work during the day, and all I can say it’s that I should go out but there is nothing to see and probably if there was something cool to do I would find a reason not to do it. But if your life is different and you do have television and went to a party last night, why do you feel like I do now many times, maybe everyday. Tired and that you never have enough time to do everything there is to do. You are working for happiness right, but when does it come around, can we text happiness and call it for lunch?

Going beyond the normal and boring daily philosophies we are pushed through everyday in television, Internet and the media, the reality is that life is hard and complicated and more flavourless that we would like to admit. It’s easy to rationally think that for a normal average brain, stability is part of collective sanity that makes us feel comfortable, relieving and that it allows us to focus to pursuit goals and achievements during our lives. It’s also important to be able to be part of a working society.

Well, that’s a reality, you know: house, kids, school or a career, finding a partner, cooking, sleeping, and dreaming, wanting things.

But what happens when reality is not what we expected, and then a sane dose of reality becomes a routine and our days repeat day after day. We become copies of copies of some bad copy of somebody’s life. Yeah, in the end we all want the same things because it’s part of it. Only 2% of the world’s population is rich, less than that is a rock star or a movie star. The rest of us have to work, pay the bills and feel mortal to make the world work and we start wondering, thinking many things. “Hey wait there boy, thinking too much never helped anybody”.

I know we all have thoughts, we all think about death; we are all concerned about getting through everyday. Well. Let’s stop and revise.

If life is not perfect as perfection does not exist, let’s get ordered and settled. Let’s look to routine in the eye and see what’s up with it. I am pretty sure we can find much more joy.

Oh yes, by the way. Life is about being happy. If Happiness is the North Pole then pain is the South melting one. We know they are there…we have certainly seen them on television, right?

We all have both in our lives and the world goes around and more days come after every night no matter the time zone. But don’t be so blind to think that if you don’t have pain in your life you are in fact, happy.

If you have to work, well, work but don’t let it drown you into. I sanely believe that people who make wars, more than money and power use the ignorance and fears of “normals” to feed their reasons. So let’s not be bored. Let’s get awake. Everyday. Minute to minute. Let’s see what we can do. It’s a process of healing lover. Let’s me go to get some bandaids. I will go water my plants and grab a bottle of wine.

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