Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Struggling and complaining a bit for the sake of it"

Photo by Kunstlerin N.V 09

It would be proper to start by introducing to you my circumstances. I am in the best and most romantic country in the world, in the soul-less and cold city. You will see people, mostly old people, lonely people walking their dogs at all times in the day, but you don’t hear kids sounds anywhere. The lack of love, the lack of ambition for happiness beyond material devours the bankers face and joy of the youth in just a few years, the person who sales cigarettes in the corner does not say thank you, you’ welcome. I have just found. It’s not that much into secret and loving corners or amusing and loving in the restaurants, or walking the streets of this city. This is my mess, alright, please tell me you haven’t thought of getting the hell out of there where you are at least once.

This country was my dream country, full of amazing food and beautiful people that as it turns out, they don’t like foreigners and I am as a foreigner as I could be. If you are not rich or willing to shop, please don’t come here. I have come to realize I didn’t know anything about it before coming. Bad bad! Bum bum! Shoot head now!

This is a city where nothing is free, "free" fun is not allowed, everything must have a profit. Moving, breathing is expensive. I’ve been to London; I’ve been to New York and Paris. Very expensive cities all of them, but you can just start walking through the Thames and find playgrounds, bridges, sightseeing, you can have 5 pounds and you will find something to eat and drink somewhere, fish and chips, in a street fair. In Paris you can go with the same money and you get a delicious French hot dog and melted fromagge for 3.5 euros and with a drink it will be 5 euros. Here in the “Ghost city” you get nothing. Two Gelatos or maybe an espresso with a croissant but then if you want to not eat it in the street in 2 more euros, if you would like your espresso with milk it would be 1 more euro and all of this while the lady is yelling to another customer, or correcting you if you try to speak the language. I hate it here. But I love it as well.

Trying not to get sucked into the void.

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