Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Traveling Without Moving"

Photo by Kunstlerin N.V 09

I found this and it just fits. Everything is falling apart. I see some sun for the first time in two weeks. I was about to forget what it was to actually have the sun around.

Where are you now? I wanna know. What are you doing? Are you sitting in your desk “Working”? Are you drinking coffee at overpriced Starbucks? Are you checking your email for the 11th time today? What are you listening to? Are you watching to crazy people saying the most random, selfish, senseless things? Do you think about how it would be to get away? “Travelling without moving”. Can we lose control for a bit and rest our senses into feeling it all? Can we actually force the routine to suicide? I know there is a way. There must be. Everything is connected, we can surely find an answer to it.

I use music to travel. Is easy, cheap, it rushes hard and slow. It makes your guts move inside. Bouncing. Stripping out the layers of the mind and the body. Surely there is a link to everything. Like Borges said "Everything touches, everything".

Have you ever imagined how many people are listening to the same exact song somewhere else? Under different circumstances, weather, city? Have you wondered how some people imagined things like “ It’s a cruel cruel world, to face on your own” or “We do out time like pennies in a jar, what are we saving for?”

There are around 4 million people travelling with thoughts, quests and curiosity every day. Many people travel alone, others just can’t stand it. I have always admired those people who travel alone. I wonder what it is to arrive to a completely unknown place and be a stranger. We travel or we wish we could travel. I haven’t travelled in a while, not at least since a long coast trip in California. I’ve never been happier. Where do we imagine ourselves? What do you have in your mouth, how does it taste? (Yeah, that sounded a bit bad, take it as it is).

We just need to sit down and be brave and face the music of whatever it is we want. Settle down is a bargain, moving it’s hectic. Loving is painful, important decisions are never easy and bla bla bla. Everything cuts like butter while listening Hot Chip’s “Hand Me Down Your Love”.

What does it take to go where the mind is?

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