Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"I Hope You Have a Good Life"

This is how life starts, a second of light in our eyes. For must of us, that flash will remain in a blinding glimpse until the day we die; by the time we become one with the universe again. Yes, this world is so fu^^^d up. We are born to get confused, to get lost and to share our personal loneliness with others just as lost and lonely.

Not trying to be negative here, but just “realistic” and as I am fond of writing, let’s add some sugar and cherries to make it more interesting to swallow.

It reaches a moment at when we must STOP COMPLAINING. We must go on and finish everything we have started but somehow, television and routine never gives enough inspiration to finish. This is the “Kunstlerin Life”. I new vision in finding happiness in everyday life, wherever we are, under any circumstances, political beliefs, religion, money or no money in the bank. Male of female.

We must just realized that the fact of breathing is already a chance to change our circumstances, to be better, to feel it all. We are in a tireless quest to discover beauty and amazing moments to remember. Yes! We can find meaning, you can surprise yourselves smiling in front of the most mundane and ordinary fact of your everyday life, but we learned how to miss it.

Yes, I believe we can find good in the shit we step on every day. It’s just easy to give the responsibility of own happiness to others, to our job, to our partner. We are grown-ups in a new generation facing a possible war, teenagers trying to define the rest of our lives, young adults trying to find a job after college, travellers, cooks, patriots and factory workers. We think we are powerless to make the world better, but guess what? Nobody can change the world alone.

We are certainly so many. How do we manage to be special if all of us are special? Who is listening to us? Who cares about us?

We have so many question and just a few answers. There are pieces of wisdom that we can find everything, in little events in our life’s that will guide us, but we usually ignore. My blog is about finding all these pieces and make it a whole. We are all connected; I love you whoever you are. If you pushed me today in the street probably you had a bad day, if you were rude in the super market, who knows? It’s just easy to hate living in a city, and I’m in the worst city to be free, a city where nobody is. Stay tuned lovers. Join me in my quest of finding some sense to this shit.

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