Friday, January 29, 2010


Photo by Kunstlerin N.V 09

Simple moments make a good day, or a shitty say. I used to receive mailed songs from my mates back home, and I usually couldn’t download them at work. Everything was controlled. They count the minutes and the seconds on us. It was a terrible measure of the days. Listening to complains from people is a job, then I come here and I stoped listening to the music, I listen to the people in the street, complaining but it’s another language, it’s like theatre.

I step on a banana peel for the first time in my life in Milan? Like in the cartoons. I participated in a wedding bouquet thing in Piazza San Marco for the first time as well. Hey, my friends are smart and they don’t get married. What can I say? I come from a tropical banana exporter and it never happened to me. What can I say? I love those pieces that match somehow to make it a bit more interesting. Irony, man! I could make love to it and then dump the whore back home.

I can’t blame it. I put my finger in the fact that we can make of home a wonderland. Advertureland listening to music while driving home after listening to everybody’s needs. After doing exactly what the world expects from us. Let’s be naked in front of the mirror and say, “ that’s me, fat ass and all” Would you make love to yourself? I once heard that is the only way of self-improvement. If you would not be able to make to yourself, you are pretty screwed. If that is the case I can just give you a little tip. Somebody will do it for you if you give him or her the chance.

Simple, we can kill the routine or make it more easy. Let's see what pieces of our life make it great and sinful.

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  1. Mmm I'm loving your english! perfect!
    Also I'm loving your blog, very interesting, I will take that look in the mirror.
    I was wondering about your description in 'who is this freak'... but I think you've found much more... i mean, you are writting this blog, this experience is making you think about a lot of things... that's really something.