Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The “THAT” Factor

Photo by Kunstlerin N.V

In the super simple attempt of living, we get simply lost. We make so many plans and then things happen and excuses pop up like spam into a badly designed world structure. Of course, things will always go wrong, good things are enemies of perfection. Certainly we wonder, we just wonder, but why do we never really do something to change it.

I bet a million dollars that as you are reading this you are thinking. “Well, I have to do this first, before doing “THAT”. Whatever your “THAT” is, now think for how long have you been waiting to do “IT”. Give me 3 reasons why you haven not done it yet. 1,2,3. Alright, that was easy…

I used to go to work everyday, I had a routine. I made a lot of money, big fat money. I got up, had breakfast. Feed the dog and the cat. Clean the house. Stop by the mini market and grab chips, chocolate and coke and then drive one hour to work. I Sat in that piece of crab cubicle, cried to then start working like a machine for 10 hours. I would talk to people trying to show empathy, trying to understand them, trying to relate to them until one day, something interesting happened to me:

I got on an interesting chat with yet another unsatisfied customer. Said the usual protocol but then something twisted happened. He wrote in the tiny little screen “I bet you hate your job, you wish you where doing something else”. I stop right there and don’t know how to reply. The robot in me replied with another “Copy/Paste” line. “Please note that I cannot talk about personal matters”. Then he said, “You are not answering to my question, are you a machine?” I thought. No, I’ve have become one. Put a piece of chocolate in my mouth and then replied. “No, I’m just a someone doing a job”. Then my boss came around and saw the pain on my face. The man grabs over the chat and wrote. “Hello, this is Joy’s boss she will have time for a life later, for now she will help you with your matter”. When my boss left I came back to the chat and continued. I said, “Hey you mind reader, is there anything else I can do for you”. He wrote, “Think about what I said” and logged out. That night I thought about my “IT” and why I was not doing “THAT”. The man was like any other crazy person in the day but what really scared me was the reply of my boss “She will have time for a life later”. What the hell is later?

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