Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The List"

Photo by J.HoLden.S.

I just had an idea. Grabbing my old sketchbooks, I found a very interesting thing to do. I found a list; a precious list of things I want to do for the next two years. Let’s see if I can make it happen. I will be giving up stories about everything I will do, starting today. I have no money, some of these things are crazy but others are just completely easy to do. I guess such us life. Stick around if you want to see me driving this spaceship.

1. Ride a hot air balloon.
2. Swim with calm sharks.
3. Witness a sunset in the desert.
4. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.
5. Take a Helicopter ride around the city.
6. Stay up all night in an extreme party in New York.
7. Meet and love an important character of Modern Times.
8. Jump in a clear blue reef.
9. Ride a Black Cadillac in Vegas.
10. Ride on a camel, an elephant and an ostrich.
11. Make my own wine bottle.
12. Be part on a theatre or movie production
13. Go to “The Beach” in Thailand and to Butterfly reef.
14. Help Animals in risk of Extinction.
15. Watch an Aurora borealis or an Iceberg.
16. Swim in Lake Michigan
17. Kiss a stranger in Rio de Janeiro.
18. Dance in a fountain under the Moon, like Silvia on the Fellini Movie.
19. Talk to a Real Geisha.
20. Watch a “Cirque du Soleil” show.
21. Go to the Opera to see Swan Lake.
22. Hear the voice of God in India.
23. Touch a Pyramid.
24. Be head over heals in Machu Pichu.
25. Buy a sacred good luck item in Cairo.
26. Go to a salted dessert.
27. Watch the Cherry blossoms fall in a real Japanese garden.
28. Meet a real guru or spiritual guide and be blessed.
29. Hang out with rock stars for one night.
30. Run in a Marathon.
31. Learn how to surf.
32. Watch the Blue Whales sing.
33. See a tiger in the snow.
34. Make friends with an important Criminal
35. Inspire a person to go on with living.
36. Win a poker tourney in Vegas
37. Do snowboarding.
38. Ride on a real submarine.
39. Have breakfast at Tiffanies.
40. Make street art in Barcelona.
41. Dance to tribal tunes. Learn a song in Japanese.
42. Create an art piece that will be on an important museum of the world.
43. Watch a grizzly bear while fishing salmons up north.
44. Participate on a “Lucha libre” match.
45. Ride a Gondola in Venice.
46. Make love on a train.
47. Learn to cook a dish from every country and city I visit.
48. Skate on a frozen Lake or get inside of an igloo.
49. Ride a canoe in Hawaii or Bali.
50. Sing Karaoke for Total Strangers.
51. Visit my friends in Israel and see.
52. Publish my first Novel.

This is a Kunstlerin life. Simple. In the meantime I will keep on writing my brains out, like a bullet. I made some editing of course. Mostly becuase the real list I made it on the train like 2 months ago.

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