Friday, January 22, 2010

“Yet, about whatever it’s called (Love?)”

Photo by Kunstlerin N.V 09

Who knows really? We have to start with basic words, take it easy on the matter, let’s use more like a diagram of words: bitter, sinful, sweet, naïve, a package or ourselves, Love exists. Love is.

It’s easy to blame others for not loving us; how do you recognize the symptoms of a broken heart? We feel defeated, alone, and weak. Nothing is good enough, we can smile and get up and face it but it hurts, we change thoughts, and we defend ourselves for that punch. We start looking for alerts to bail. All right. Sometimes it hurts so much is becomes frustration, anxiety, tears or arts. Let me take a break here. Let’s not dip into the mud.

Most people are not educated at school or at home how to love themselves or what love really is. Love is a new Atlantis. Do we even know what that’s supposed to mean?

Isn’t it lame how it’s just easier to hate life, distrust others or give it all away for someone not worth it? Your heart gives you signs about getting the pain, it craves for it. It’s a human/animal instinct of reproduction, or shelter. It’s present in all of us. Whether we use it or not.

At certain moments, we fall in love. At least we believe we are? Maybe? Yes? Not tonight? Not ever?

But making notes and calculations, maybe we might have not fallen in love with someone but we have experienced love. All of us know love in one way or another. Don’t blame it on others if they don’t love you; Who could blame them? Do you know how to love?

Why do we have to relay on others for love, can we get it right having a healthy love for ourselves? The key in the whole history is this: How can somebody love us if we don’t love ourselves? No matter our size or our characteristics, nationality or backgrounds, our educations, tastes, social stratus. Whatever your name is, who ever your parents are, whatever your job or state of mind, we all have experienced love, from others and to others. You may think nobody has loved you ever, but that’s a lie. All of us have been loved.

We humans now days just wait or look for different kinds of love. Maybe a “T.V one”, a “unique” one, a "happy ending" one. You name it,

We get married and we never think we will get divorced. It’s Ok if you don’t believe in God, but do you believe in love? Do you have faith in this abstract, unrealistic, prostituted concept of society and postcards? Can you feel it; do you have it in your brain?

When a person loves, and knows how to love others they usually develop a newer state of reason, and piece within themselves. We have love and we grew it up within us, the love thing, it just happens.

Love is that pain that makes us feel alive. We can be completely alone and experience joy, power, bravery, and faith and yes, just for a moment, we have a perfect mix of love. We get touched with the concept. Heats beat, sun happens, food tastes better, we feel full, satisfied.

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