Saturday, January 23, 2010

"The Trilogy of the Kunstlerin"

Photo by J.HoLden.S.

My first day here was a hot roman day. The sunset was burning the orange old walls, the graffiti’s were surrounding a city drowned in a false calm. People eating gelato. Tourists checking the maps. People taking the tram. Getting away from the heat.

But as a good traveller, there are moments like Venere is that well cooked shell. There were 3 scenes that made me feel that I arrived. The first was leaving the train station from Fuimicino, watching this Italian woman sited all wet in the side of the road. She was high, maybe on heroin. She just was washing her face and chest in a Roman Fontana. She was looking the sun fall among the all buildings. I was able to see in her eyes, she was hallucinating. She was scaping from her surroundings with joy. She was also feeling pain.

The second was at Trastevere. Getting off the tram I saw this beautiful Italian man with her woman. They were ahead of us, getting off the car. They just kept walking in front of us, and then I saw a delicious moment. The man grabs the butt of his woman with "Italian desire", in the middle of the street. For everyone to see.

She was wearing a beautiful white mini dress and roman sandals, her honey hair ran through the transparency of it. Bitch.

Then they kissed and entered into a small trattoria, where people were drinking wine. The third and last was after we checked into the hotel. I put on my red shoes after making love. I was sick from the travel that seemed endless. Then just a few steps away from my “albergo” there it was. A full movie setting, in the middle of the piazza. Of course, from the moment I stepped out of the plane to this moment. “It could not be other way”.

The heat is dripping on my clothes. People talk and I don’t understand, their language is music to my ears. The lights make the street a surreal theatre and I’m on my way to “Dar Poeta”.

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